Night for a lost one 

The audiovisual follows a bird to its final and undefined outcome.
A video diptych, a part of the "Bounds" cycle.



After shift  

A short story about a worker's routine in a simulated situation he is trying to wash off the dirt.
One worker in three different time phases.



Transpositions I   

This work belongs to the Transposition cycle, which deals with the mutual relation of a group of particles to the attractive force acting on them. This force determines not only their arrangement in space but also the common form that the particles form with each other through the alternation of the static and the dynamic.
The moment the attractive force stops working, the life of the particles disappears. Traces of movement remain in space, but also a small number of particles that managed to resist the force.
The influence of force on the particles is metaphorically transferred to the personal, internal, and psychological, but also to the social context.




A single or multiple projections
(3d animation, a perfect loop, infinitely playback)





A trigger which inspired this minute, and a kind of an opposite situation of inactivity and silence, was my accidental visit to a train station named "Factory" situated in my hometown in Banat, Serbia during the pandemic and restrictions on movement in spring 2020.
The station is bleak and empty for decades, where trains are quite rare and on that spot, nothing has changed.




The mold for a numb

Revised version for a projection




Stretching of Daily life

This video is a product of contemplation on simple human actions in public space, whether it concerns people in movement or not. Through the process, I have established the connection and simultaneity among any of these actions, as well as unity within each individual action. This specific kind of collage needs to provide a new sight on our reality and daily life, and the triptych form seems to be quite a logical solution in this case.




The Player  

Yamb is a social game with dices, as a rule, played with an unlimited number of players, but with no less than two.
This short video form is inspired by the player who plays this game with himself and by this dialogue that follows;
"You were busy last night, is that so?"
"Yes, I played yamb".
"With whom?"
"With myself."
"How...well, are you winning?" 
"Sometimes I win, more often lose. I found the way how to cheat lately. Although in the end, the only game matters".




Sonnet 18

A/V interpretation of William Shakespeare's sonnet



Forgotten faces

This video is part of Forgotten faces cycle, and reflects a kind of contemplation about all those faces from past, deformed by memory faults but many other factors as well.




Installation, (according to the Angelus of J.F.Millet)



Violence against women in 30 seconds

Dogville interaction, video projection for theatrical art performance 



Timber by EMSIEN-3 LTD