Objective Conception And Dynamics Of The Subject

Multimedia Audio Visual Exhibition And Installation

The exhibition held in the Main hall of Student Cultural Center (SKC) in Belgrade, Serbia.

The main idea makes relations between author and his act, between author’s act and spectator, and intermediary contact between author and spectator. Motif is figure which observes, conceives and behaves without certain narrative content. Presentation of human figure through different medias always involving author’s personality, subjectivity and unconsciousness in tendency to become objective. Through net of relations which resulting in, spectator has a role of embodied motif, of objective subject and he is integer part of project. Spectator is simultaneously subject as well as object, in the same time existing in in Real as well as simulation with his mental and physical presence. In that case subject became his object, and all those visual elements were also enhanced by recordings of digitally made sounds of footsteps, breathing, conversations etc.

(3D animation, video, photography and digital photo manipulation, freehand drawing, real time video and sound)



Timber by EMSIEN-3 LTD